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we have a joke in virginia that napa makes autoparts and virginia makes wine. -- is really coming into its of as a maker of v-- virginia is really coming into its own as a maker of wine. it will stay in this bin 3-d hold fermentation process. >> it then goes into barrels for aging, and once the name is determined to it will stay in these bins -- it will stay in these bins and throughout the fermentation process. >> it then goes into barrels for aging. one barrel will cost about $6,000. that equals about 300 bottles to
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sell or share with friends. alison starling, abc7 news. and that is it now for abc7 news at 5:00. now, for abc7 news at 6:00, the president and his decision on trips, and this is not the first time this man has been accused of a violent crime -- his decision on towards. and the latest on the tiger woods accident, coming up -- the president and his decision on troops. president obama has made up his mind about the future of afghanistan. >> putting u.s. afghanistan policy interaction, tomorrow, he will lay out those plans for the american public. >> at west point tomorrow night,
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the president is expected to announce a troop increase and plans for an eventual withdrawal. putting more lives on the line and finding a way to pay for it, the stakes are high. jonny eve of a monument to a speech, president obama faces what could be one of the most critical decisions of his life -- just on the eve of a monumental speech. >> if he succeeds, he will get the credit for winning >> he is expected to outline an eventual withdrawal -- he will get credit for winning. >> he is expecting to outline an eventual withdrawal. >> without partners that are willing to do stuff in both afghanistan and pakistan, no number of american troops can solve all of those problems. >> late last night, the president gave his order to pentagon brass to start moving troops toward the battlefield.
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today, he spoke with leaders of france and other countries. >> the whole world is watching what we are doing there. >> but the most critical voices have come from some of his allies. >> i have got it will problem about expanding this war. >> and as he fights for support and prepares for his speech in just over 24 hours from now, president obama s begun one of the toughest sales jobs of his presidency. you can watch that speech tomorrow night right here on abc7. photographs of detainee's being harassed by their captors will be kept private. the obama administration did not oppose the idea, and there was an appeal to the supreme court, saying that it could create anti-american sentiment overseas and put american troops in danger. the senate has started
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debating on the health-care reform bill. harry reid says they will work weekends to get the bill passed. $979 billion, too expensive, some say. the bill would lower the average price of insurance premiums. 60 votes are needed to pass the bill in the senate. and now, in developing story in washington state. the suspect in the murder of police officers into, remains on the loose. they were killed during an ambush at a coffee shop yesterday. a swat team stormed the seattle home where the suspect was thought to be hiding, but he was gone. he has a violent criminal history and was recently charged with assaulting a police officer and the rape of a child. a suspect of the holocaust museum shooting will maybe not repeater -- appear in court.
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he was shot after allegedly shooting or killing a security guard at the holocaust museum, and bpm ntimm is being held -- and von brunn is being held. there was a water main break in we did, md., on the 1600 block of gail place off of viers mill road. it created a sinkhole large enough to swallow a car. we are told that road repairs are expected to last a few days. >> after black friday comes cyber monday, but there are a lot of deals to get people clicking. we are told which way it is pointing. >> a mountain of emails and
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featuring special offers were in people's in box is after the holiday weekend. online retailers are doing their best to get reluctant customers to spend big on cyber monday. >> whether you are working or at home, you do not have to travel anywhere. >> 30 million americans or one out of every six adults will take advantage of internet deals this month. many are expected to shop online this cyber monday, an increase of 11 million over last year, to 97 million. 30 percent of americans now have a web enabled smart telephones, and that can help compare online deals with department store deals. >> there are apps that will tn your camera into a bar code scanner, and within seconds, it would give the information about pricing from any number of places.
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>> early reports show that less was spent than last year. stores notes id is a tough sale convincing customers to make purchases in these economic times -- stores know it is a tough sale. >> consumer confidence in the tank. >> the nation's unemployment rate remained at 10%, and it is climbing, and it is having a chilling effect on the consumer willingness to spend in stores and online. they are looking to come up with a plan to shore this up. tahman bradley, abc7 news. tiger woods is staying tight-lipped about a recent accident, and that story is coming up in sports. and which members of congress are worth the most money? are local leaders on the list?
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heavy rain. we will take a look at the first seven days of december.
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